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ENI's educational approach
For computer engineers


    With the Online Library
    With the online IT courses
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    AVIT certifications by ENI

ENI's educational approach
For computer engineers

2 | EXPLORE with the Online Library
Thousands of MICROLEARNING training materials.
Bibliothèque Numérique Bibliothèque Numérique

ENI's educational approach
For computer engineers

3 | LEARN through practice with the IT online courses
(with or without practical exercises)

E-formationsPlateforme de TP
Tutoring option.

ENI's educational approach
For computer engineers

with the official AVIT certifications Certification officielle AVIT
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The advantages of your courses

The SPIE group

Technologies are ever-evolving in my field, which means I must very regularly update my skills.

I train at my own pace, when I want to and according to my needs. I was therefore able to supplement my initial computer engineering course with varied publications, ranging from programming to project management, but also the Office suite and IT networks.

I would not have been able to purchase so many books and lessons on such diverse and varied subjects.

It helps me every day when answering the IT questions of a fellow SPIE contributor but it is also a source of inspiration, showing me what I could implement in the company in the future.

Mathias BATCHI - Helpdesk technician SPIE

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