Digital Learning: On a national and international scale, Thomas Cook trains their employees using MEDIAplus eLearning by ENI

Digital Learning: On a national and international scale, Thomas Cook trains their employees using MEDIAplus eLearning by ENI

Maike Lincke,
Human Resources Manager for the Thomas Cook AG group.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and what it is that you do?

Our company is an international travel agency. I am responsible for human resources and part of my job includes staff training.

Before using MEDIAplus eLearning, how were your office skills training courses organised? What made you change? 

Our Office training courses are always organised as classroom sessions, but this type of training can only include our employees working on site at Oberursel. We have chosen to switch to e-learning so that we can offer Office training courses to a larger number of employees, not only in Germany, but also abroad.  

What did you like about MEDIAplus eLearning? More specifically, what means have been used?  

We liked MEDIAplus because the user can learn in the software’s own environment and what counts in the end is the solution and not the method used. Especially since, with Microsoft Office, there are many different ways to get to the same solution. We also like the international aspect, it is wonderful to have several languages at our disposal! Another very important point for us is the competence and responsiveness of the team at ENI. Since it is the first time that we try e-learning, it is extremely important for me to know that at any time I will get an answer to my questions concerning any commercial or technical aspects. Employees can train at their workstations, on different sites and according to their needs.

By which means have you chosen to accompany your learners and why?

Our human resources department is responsible for the learners and we encourage them by offering them tips on self-learning and virtual training. We also make a classroom available in which they can book a place to learn in a quiet environment and exchange their experiences with other learners.

What are your conclusions after several months of use?

The users which make use of their licences are very satisfied! They appreciate the fact that they can train and find answers to their questions within the software. However, we noticed that this training method requires a lot of discipline from our employees. In order to guarantee the best results, after the first trials, our training department decided to implement close follow-up for employees who found it harder to persist.  

Lastly, what advice would you give to training managers who would like to try e-learning or blended learning?

My advice would be to ensure close follow-up for users as soon as training begins (for example the same enrolment date for all) and to highlight the personal responsibility of each user before implementing the training programme. If someone has problems with this type of training from the start, other solutions will need to be found.

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