Assess the digital knowledge
of your employees

Assessing the individual and collective digital knowledge in an organisation helps ask the right questions to set up efficient actions for a successful transformation.

Digital transformation support

The ENI Digital Test™ supports you in your company's digital transformation. It truly is a digital diagnostic tool and enables companies to have a clear view of each employee's strengths and the points they can improve.

It is already available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

"Individual improvement for collective success"

on 2 main themes

Presented as a multiple choice questionnaire, the ENI Digital Test™ groups a maximum of 116 questions, which are divided into 2 main themes consisting of 11 key points.

The use of digital technology

Monitoring and e-reputation

Social media


Messaging service and communication

Collaborative work


The questions are based on the new tools or services that will enable the company to achieve its digital transformation, thus acquiring a higher efficiency and profitability. This includes social media, the cloud, collaborative tools, smartphones and tablets, online meetings, etc. Questions concerning high-tech aim to reveal which employees are passionate about IT and are therefore likely to drive their colleagues to "go digital".

The test aims to assess each individual's ability to accept, include and recognise these new technologies as an essential vector for the company's digital transformation.

Computer applications

Computer safety



Computer usage

Other computer applications

The questions are based on the daily usage of a computer at work and on the standard office applications: Windows, the Office suite, internet… They aim to assess today's standard computer skills.

According to the 2016 investigation on the digital practices of employees in France, led by Cabinet Eléas, workers expect regular training to better use digital tools and support to understand the digital evolutions that affect their profession.

The ENI Digital Test™ adapts to all types of professions and employees: the difficulty level is determined by the accuracy of the answers to the previous questions.

individual knowledge

Analysing individual knowledge

The in-depth results analysis enables you to identify:
• A level
• A profile
• Skills

The analysis highlights the strengths and what can be improved.

an overview

Distribution of employees by profile

The individual's or the group's skills are mapped out and their digital profiles are determined. The aim is to identify, for example, the leaders and advisors that will help reach the company's digital transformation goals.


Cartographiez la culture digitale "Experience has shown us, at ENI, that in order to properly train, it is best to start with an assessment. This is why, per our clients' request, we have developed a tool that we call the ENI Digital Test. This test is based on the European Digcomp and Cigref frames of reference and aims to measure digital literacy in relation to company workplace practices." Watch the video
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