Excel 2016 – Migration and new features

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Excel 2016 Migration et nouveautés
Course goals

Discover the new interface and make the most of Excel 2016’s new features.


Target audience:
Every person needing to use Excel 2016 who has already worked with a previous version.

Level required:
Regular use of a previous version of Excel.

Course content

This module includes a video made up of 14 sequences.
Microsoft Office 2016: New Features
• What’s new in Excel 2016
• What’s new in PowerPoint 2016
• What’s new in Outlook 2016
• New 2016 Features common to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 53 training videos, 53 exercises and 10 additional resources.
Excel 2016 – Changing versions whilst keeping your previous habits
• New in 2016: 01 – Basic commands part 1
• New in 2016: 01 – Basic commands part 2
• New in 2016: 03 – Charts, pictures and other graphics
• New in 2016: 04 – Databases and pivot tables
• New in 2016: 05 – Advanced commands

Additional book
This module includes digital course material.
Excel 2016 – Reference book


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