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Who is ENI?

ENI elearning/Editions

ENI elearning/Editions sets the standards for the creation of IT training content, with an impressive catalogue including thousands of resources – online training courses, books, videos, certifications – with new content published every month, to stay at the heart of technological innovation.

These resources, developed by experienced trainers and a community of technical experts and educators with over 500 members, cover a wide range of fields, from systems and networks to development, data, IT security, office/office software, DTP and many others.

Employees learning online with ENI elearning solutions, reinforcing their digital and IT skills (IT and office automation).

For the professional and educational sectors, ENI elearning offers:

  • The Digital Office Library: an information goldmine, bringing together all the English/Dutch/German resources (books or videos) of the ENI group, accessible 24/7 with a subscription (several formulas are available to meet different needs).
  • MEDIAplus: a unique solution to learn to use Office apps (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) directly within the software. Available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch), MEDIAplus is suitable for all levels, beginners to experts, and meets all office content training needs. With our pre-training assessments, the training programmes can be customised for each learner, ensuring optimum progress.

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