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Learn how to use Outlook with MEDIAplus!

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Manage your email and
schedule with Outlook

Outlook is an essential business tool that makes it easy to manage your inbox. You can organise, sort and filter your e-mails with ease, without risking losing any information. Outlook lets you optimise your productivity by marking and classifying your messages according to your needs, organising your projects and creating customised to-do lists.

Outlook also has features for advanced calendar and contacts management. You can plan meetings, appointments and events using its integrated calendar. The calendar sharing feature makes it easy to coordinate with colleagues and friends.

Integrating with the other tools in the Office suite, you can easily convert an e-mail into a task in Microsoft To-Do or plan meetings with Microsoft Teams directly from Outlook.


Master Outlook and boost your efficiency with MEDIAplus

MEDIAplus: The ENI Group has been offering this unique educational solution to teach how to use Outlook (as well as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Microsoft 365) for 30 years!

Used by many companies and public authorities, this platform enables you to train and perfect your skills in office apps such as Outlook.

Our simple 4-step e-learning solution requires no installation thanks to virtual machines that are accessible 24/7! An immersive and self-guided course!

Video explanation
Video explanation
Immersive exercise
Immersive exercise
Verification of the answer
Verification of the answer
Access to the solution
Access to the solution

1. Lesson videos to learn at your own pace

2. Exercises for immediate application

3. Instant corrections to identify your areas for improvement

4. Detailed answers to help you learn and progress

We provide pre-training assessments which help determine your proficiency and provide personalised learning.

MEDIAplus Outlook is regularly updated by ENI Group experts. It is available for the 2016 to 2021 versions and in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch).

Below is the full programme, but we also offer Outlook training courses tailored to your needs, from basic features to templates or forms for messages. Find out more here!

Online Outlook training: the MEDIAplus advantages

Pictogramme tests évaluatifs


Pictogramme exercices en immersion

Practical exercises directly within the software

Pictogramme corrigés en temps réel

Corrected in real time

Icône illustrant un catalogue varié avec livres, vidéos et e-formations pour une approche d'apprentissage diversifiée.

Updated regularly by our experts

Icône illustrant un catalogue varié avec livres, vidéos et e-formations pour une approche d'apprentissage diversifiée.

Accessible 24/7


Available in 5 languages


Pictogramme disponible pour les versions de 2010 à 2021

Available for versions from 2016 to 2021

Vague numérique symbolisant l'innovation et la richesse des contenus de formation d'ENI elearning, couvrant des domaines tels que la cybersécurité, l'IA, le développement web, la data science, et les outils de bureautique comme Excel.


    A library of office content to prepare for or complete your training course

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