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ENI Group

ENI elearning, publisher of IT content for professionals and the world of education, is one of the pillars of the ENI group.

ENI Group

Since it was founded in 1981, the ENI group has been an independent and pioneering French reference in IT training (IT, office software, DTP, webmarketing). Its expertise covers three distinct areas:

  • Higher education, up to master’s level, with initial or sandwich courses, provided by ENI IT School,
  • The creation of training content, including e-learning, books, videos and certifications, by Editions ENI,
  • A wide range of official and certified professional training courses, from 1 to 5 days, offered by ENI Service.

The ENI Group’s dynamism lies in its ability to cover the entire spectrum of IT training, supported by a cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach. In addition, ENI maintains a direct and constant link with companies, public institutions, the educational environment and professionals in the sector in order to constantly adjust its offers to their requirements in terms of training and content.

Groupe ENI openspace

ENI IT School

ENI IT School is a leading French institution in long-term IT training, offering courses up to master level. With ENI group’s 40+ years of experience, the school has four campuses across western France and an online campus.

Our IT school stands out for its specialisation in programming, systems and networks. Since September, we have expanded our range of courses to include a 3IL engineering cycle. For those who prefer shorter courses, we offer Operational preparation for employment (POE in french) and “Discovering digital professions” training. At ENI IT schrool, we create training programmes tailored to each student, whether they are looking to continue their studies or retrain for a new career.


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Our priority is to prepare our students to succeed in the professional world. To do this, we have a dedicated team of recruitment specialists to support our learners in their search for internships, work-study contracts and sustainable careers after graduation. In addition, we have a solid network of over 1,500 partner companies.

ENI Service – Training centre

ENI Service, the Group’s training centre, specialises in short courses in France, ranging from 1 to 5 days. Aimed at both professionals and private individuals, some of these courses are eligible for funding and help to improve IT, Office software and DTP skills.

What sets it apart is its practical approach, perfectly aligned with the real needs of companies and publishers. It is committed to offering training that is immediately applicable in the field, led by trainers who are experts in their respective fields.

It also offers customised training to meet the specific needs of each company.

ENI Service guarantees high-quality, relevant training tailored to each request. It is the ideal partner for boosting a career or improving an employee’s performance.

ENI Service - Centre de formation

Whether you are a student looking to acquire additional skills, a professional looking to improve your skills, or a company looking for tailor-made training for your team, the ENI Group has a solution to suit your needs.

Do you need IT training? The ENI Group has the solution!

The history of the ENI group, experts in IT training since 1981

The origin of a unique know-how

The ENI group started as the École Nantaise d’Informatique, founded by Philippe Rabreau in 1981. Faced with growing demands from companies, this IT professional decided to set up a school in Nantes (France) to train analyst-programmers. The journey began with just 16 students in 1981. Today, several thousands of learners complete their course with us every year.

In the mid-1980s, the company decided to extend its IT training mission by placing its expertise at the service of businesses and professionals. This led to the launch in 1988 of ENI Editions, which has become a pillar for IT training (e-learning, books, videos and certifications), offering thousands of resources.

Content for everyone

In 1990, to ensure the quality of its books throughout the production chain, ENI set up an in-house printing department, which continues to produce all the group’s books on a daily basis.

ENI Service – Training Centre, founded in 1992, is the youngest member of the ENI universe. It enables the group to broaden its offer to companies with short IT training courses (1 to 5 days), whether in-person, remotely or via tutored e-learning.

During the 90s, ENI took the digital turn, producing CD-ROMS, but also innovating: making interactive training directly within the software. Called Mediactiv’, this system heralded what is today MEDIAplus eLearning™, the only solution offering “learning through practice, directly in the software studied, with immediate analysis of the results”.

In 2010, the Digital Library was launched, bringing together all ENI’s digital content for individuals and professionals. It can be accessed with a subscription and is also available on third-party sites such as the French national library (BNF).

In 2012, ENI began producing video content, complemented by practical exercises, webinars, etc.

Thanks to its training expertise, in 2016-2017 the ENI group became a certifying entity, offering online exams leading to computer certifications (Excel, Word, SQL, etc.), accessible to all.

ENI Group today

Today, the ENI group employs nearly 300 people in three entities: Editions ENI, ENI Service and ENI IT School.

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