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Digital test: assess your teams’ digital proficiency!

Today, working from home, online teamwork and teamwork apps have become very common. It is now essential for organisations to know the digital literacy of their employees!

The ENI Group has developed the Digital Test. A genuine digital diagnosis tool, it maps the strengths and areas for improvement for each employee.

The ENI™ Digital Test supports you in your digital transformation process with 4 major steps!

1 | Evaluate 2 major themes

Our teaching teams have created the ENI™ Digital Test, which is an adaptive MCQ: the questions depend on the answers given to the previous questions. The length of the test may therefore vary from person to person, it is estimated to take between 30 and 40 minutes.

The questionnaire (maximum 116 questions) is divided into 2 themes:

  • new uses of digital technology (collaborative working, cloud, social networks, etc.)
  • desktop applications (office software, internet, Windows, etc.)
Digital test screen

2 | Analyse overall and individual knowledge

A detailed analysis of the results enables us to identify:

  • a level of proficiency
  • a profile
  • existing skills

It highlights your teams’ strengths and areas for improvement.

Training measures

3 | Summarise all your organisation’s results

The digital test maps individual or group knowledge and identifies digital profiles. The resulting data provide a clear and precise picture of the digital skills of employees, enabling an overall assessment to be made: what are the levers to accelerate my company’s digital transformation?


4 | Guide towards skill development

For example, mapping identifies the leaders or advisors who can help the company achieve its digital transformation objectives. It also identifies the training initiatives that need to be implemented.

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  • Available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.
    EN  ES  DE  FR  NL
    • LMS compatible with SCORM standards
    • Based on the DIGCOMP and CIGREF European standards


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