Excel 2019 – Presenting data: charts and illustrations

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Excel 2019 graphiques et illustrations


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Course goals

This course aims to teach you how to create eloquent charts and to illustrate your tables. After taking this course, you will be able to present data visually and illustrate your tables using pictures and drawing objects.


Target audience:
Users who have mastered the essential commands and wish to move towards more advanced techniques.

Level required:
The essential commands must be mastered in order to access Excel’s advanced techniques without difficulty.

Course goals

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 15 training videos, 15 exercises and 1 additional resource.
Excel 2019 – Charts
• Let the figures do the talking
• Create striking charts

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 11 training videos, 11 exercises.
Excel 2019 – Pictures and drawing objects
• Illustrate your data

This module offers to view a video lasting 22 minutes.
Office 2019 : use cases
• Excel, Word or PowerPoint with an Office 365 subscription

Additional book
This module includes digital course material.
Excel 2019 and Office 365 versions – Reference book

Additional MEDIAplus eLearning content
This module offers interactive training consisting of 27 training videos, 27 exercises and 6 additional resources.
Excel 2019 – Table creation basics