Teams – Teamwork with Office 365 (v1)

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Teams avec Office 365


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MEDIAplus elearning is an online training solution, unique in the market. Learning through practice, directly within the studied app and with immediate results analysis and solution.

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Course goals

Learn to work as a team in the Office 365 environment using Teams: create teams and channels, discuss and communicate instantaneously, create and take part in online meetings, work together by sharing files and co-editing them.


Target audience:
Any user who would like to efficiently use Teams’ different features.

Level required:
Essential to intermediate

Course goals

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 19 training videos, 19 exercises and 1 additional resources.
Teams (v1)
• Discover Teams, manage a team and its channels
• Managing conversations and chats
• Managing and sharing your files