Windows 10 – Discovering the environment

Windows 10 découverte de l'environnement


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Course goals

This training video is aimed at anyone who wishes to rapidly get started with the new environment proposed by Microsoft. If you have little experience with IT, it will lead you step by step to teach you to use your computer or tablet equipped with Windows 10. If you have already used a computer under a different version of Windows, it will help guide you in this new environment.


Target audience:
Any user wishing to rapidly get started with this operating system.

No prior knowledge of IT is necessary. It is sufficient if the user is familiar with the use of a keyboard and mouse.

Course goals

This module includes a video with 5 sequences.
Windows 10 – Discovering the environment
• The Windows 10 environment
• The applications
• The windows
• Windows 10 on a tablet or touchscreen
• Discovering Internet with Microsoft Edge

Additional book
This module includes digital course material.
Windows 10 – Getting started