Word 2021 – From essential to advanced skills

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Word 2021


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MEDIAplus elearning is an online training solution, unique in the market. Learning through practice, directly within the studied app and with immediate results analysis and solution.

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Course goals

Discover Word and master all its features. From the essential to the advanced commands, this training programme will make it possible for you to progress in all aspects of the application (entering text, formatting and page layout, inserting tables, pictures and graphic objects, advanced features such as templates, mail merge and managing long documents…).


Target audience:
Any user who wishes to discover or revise Word’s basic features and address its more advanced features.

Level required:
No prior knowledge of Word is necessary. However, some use of the software may make it possible to progress faster.

Course goals

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 55 training videos, 55 exercises and 6 additional resources.
Word 2021 – Level 1: Essential skills
• Get started in Word
• Apply basic text formatting
• Arrange paragraphs on the page
• Page layout, pagination and printing
• Managing tabs and lists
• Learn some new skills

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 41 training videos, 41 exercises and 1 additional resource.
Word 2021 – Level 2: Intermediate skills
• Avoid repetitive typing
• Create a table
• Add graphic objects to your texts
• Make letters – or mailshots – simple

MEDIAplus eLearning
This module offers interactive training consisting of 45 training videos, 45 exercises and 4 additional resources.
Word 2021 – Level 3: Advanced skills
• Master themes, styles and templates
• Get started with long documents
• Perfect your long documents
• Work as a team
• Find out more…

This module offers to view a video lasting 22 minutes.
Microsoft Office: use cases – Excel, Word or PowerPoint with a Microsoft 365 subscription
• The Office suite with or without an Microsoft 365 subscription: what are the differences?
• Creating and saving Office files in OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Teams
• Editing an Office file from OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams
• Sharing Office files with other contributors or people from outside your organisation
• Co-editing a file

Additional book
This module includes digital course material.
Word 2021 – Reference book