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Word 2021


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Course goals

This course aims to provide you with the basic skills to create Word documents autonomously: discover the word processor, learn to input and format texts, and learn to print the document.
After taking this course, you will be able to easily and quickly create a basic Word document.


Target audience:
This course aims to provide you with the basics, making you self-sufficient when it comes to creating a Word document: discover the Word application, learn to input and format text, and learn to print documents.

Level required:
No knowledge of Word is necessary. The user just needs to be acquainted with using the keyboard and mouse.

Course goals

MEDIAplus elearning
Ce module vous propose une formation interactive composée de 27 vidéos de formation, 27 exercices d’entraînement et 5 points d’informations complémentaires.
Word 2021 – Document creation basics

  • Discover Word and work with a simple text – Theme
    • You need to know: About your word processor
    • Overview of the environment
    • Display zoom
    • Moving around in a document
    • Nonprinting characters
    • You need to know: Text made easy
    • Text input
    • Managing paragraphs
    • You need to know: Selecting, copying and moving
    • Selecting and deleting text
    • Undoing, redoing and repeating an action
    • Moving text
    • Copying text
    • Managing tab stops
  • Apply basic formatting to text – Theme
    • You need to know: Formatting characters
    • Quick style
    • Themes
    • Character formatting
    • Character colour
    • Character case
    • Character font and size
    • Paragraph indents
    • Paragraph alignment
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Line Spacing
    • Borders and shading
    • Copying formatting
  • Manage and print the document – Theme
    • You need to know: Saving files
    • Saving a document
    • Opening a document
    • Page layout
    • Printing

This module offers to view a video lasting 22 minutes.
Microsoft Office: use cases – Excel, Word or PowerPoint with a Microsoft 365 subscription

  • The Office suite with or without an Microsoft 365 subscription: what are the differences?
  • Creating and saving Office files in OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Teams
  • Editing an Office file from OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams
  • Sharing Office files with other contributors or people from outside your organisation
  • Co-editing a file

Additional book
This module includes digital course material.
Word 2021 – Reference book