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Does Belearn by ENI include reporting features?

In order to satisfy HR departments and training organisations, we provide a reporting space, directly accessible from our portal’s Administration space. Administrators can therefore track user commitment and progress.

Examples of available data:

  • Progress (in %) for each online course
  • Success rate (in %) for each online course and module
  • Time spent
  • Number of enroled users who have never logged in
What are the different subscription terms for Belearn by ENI?

Tailor your Belearn subscription to your company: contact an ENI adviser to help us find the best way to respond to your needs!

How does ENI help launch your Belearn training project?

ENI guides you every step of the way towards your training goals. Your adviser will help you find the solution best suited to your needs and constraints. Our Customer Success team helps you get the contributors on board and helps you learn to use your Admin space. Our Helpdesk is available at any time, including during the pre-sale.

We also provide you with a “commitment pack”. It was conceived by our educational, project and marketing teams and was inspired by the feedback we have received from our clients. You can find email templates and customisable visuals that you can use for your internal communications on the training project.

Can the ENI training materials integrate an LMS platform?

Yes and it is easy to integrate our eLearning content into an existing LMS platform!

What are the benefits of an online course?

The ENI courses are created by experts and combine theoretical lessons with practical exercises in order to learn, use and master the course’s skills.
Online courses have many benefits:

  • no need to travel,
  • no time constraints: the learner can train at their own pace, at convenient times,
  • micro-learning mode with content available around the clock,
  • reduced costs: a year’s subscription is cheaper than a single in-person training-day.
Is Belearn by ENI suitable for training centres and higher education institutions?

Belearn by ENI is the ideal turnkey e-learning solution for educational organisations:

Assessment + online course + tutoring + certification + web intelligence

Many higher education organisations use our e-learning solutions to train their learners.

Is it possible to customise the Digital Test ENI?
The Digital Test ENI has standard contents. Indeed, it aims to assess your learners’ general digital proficiency. The Digital Test ENI is based on the European Digcomp frame of reference in order to suit broad needs and to address all digital themes. You can, however, customise the display with your logo to help the learners feel in a secure environment. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE DIGITAL TEST ENI
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