MEDIAplus eLearning™

A unique e-learning solution
with practical exercises

MEDIAplus eLearning™ is an IT evaluation and training solution conceived and developed by Editions ENI.

eLearning through practice

1 The learner watches a video 2 The learner carries out the exercise directly within the application 3 MEDIAplus instantaneously checks the answer 4 MEDIAplus provides the answer

Why choose MEDIAplus eLearning™?

Are included both on-shelf IT eLearning content and customisable content, as well as a learner management platform

Accessible everywhere and at all times via a simple internet connection, within a tutored resources centre, remotely, with or without tutoring…

Content integrable to all LMS platforms that are compatible with SCORM norms

Prepares for IT Certifications:
Microsoft Office

Available in 5 languages
(English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch)

Unique educational interactivity…

A market leading solution, MEDIAplus eLearning™ has a distinctive feature: it is the only solution to offer courses with practical exercises directly within the applications and with an immediate result analysis.

Thanks to MEDIAplus eLearning™, you can evaluate your employees' true abilities and offer them individual and tailored courses adapted to their needs and level.

… that respects the 4 training steps

Video lesson


Video lesson
• Watching a lesson on a given theme
• Videos of 3 to maximum 10 minutes with subtitles and sound
• Interactive chapters to watch the lesson at one's own rythm

Exercices directly within the application


Exercises directly within the application
• The exercise is performed directly within the application studied
• All reply paths are taken into account: drop menu, right-click, keyboard shortcut…

Immediate answer check


Immediate answer check
• Real-time analysis of the actions performed
• Precise indication of the mistakes made

Solution for progression


Solution for progression
• Possibility of starting the exercise over
• Video showing the correct method

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