GROUPAMA RHONE ALPES AUVERGNE accompanies the IT migration of its 2000 employees throughout 12 French administrative regions with MEDIAplus eLearning by ENI



Paul-François MATHIEU
in charge of training within the Human Resources Department shares his thoughts on this experience.

With the migration of its IT system, Groupama Rhône Alpes Auvergne (French insurance company) was faced with the problematic of having to rapidly train 2000 employees in over 300 agencies… Choosing an e-learning solution, in this case MEDIAplus eLearning by ENI, appeared as the most adequate solution.


Before starting the migration of our IT system, our computer training sessions were organised as standard in-class sessions, in a training centre in the region. Employees who wanted to attend a training session had to submit a request to their manager who then transmitted the information to the training department. We would then qualify these requests in order to organise in-class sessions.

A few months ago, we decided to change our entire IT system as it was made up of computers running with Windows XP, which was no longer being maintained by Microsoft. It was therefore essential to migrate to a new version. We also took this opportunity to change our Office software package as we had been using Office 2003.

I was very conscious of the fact that employees would need to be accompanied during this migration. The chances were high that they would no longer be familiar with the environment, as there are a lot of differences between the old version of Office and the new one.

I knew of ENI’s MEDIAplus eLearning solution as I had used it frequently between 1999 and 2006. I found it was a good way to learn, through practical exercises within the actual software.

We decided to run a trial with the group for the Migration project – made up of the training and IT departments – to test the MEDIAplus eLearning solution in real time and validate the technical aspects. As an insurance company we have very strict security guidelines. The pilot was a success which led us to the implementation of an e-learning solution for Groupama Rhône Alpes Auvergne.

This solution was made up of 3 tools:

Firstly, it included the e-learning modules from the ENI solution. These modules specially made for migration, included learning material concerning Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and corresponded to different job profiles. They did not last more than an hour and focused on the new features. In addition to this we included ENI digital books.

We also created a discovery booklet for the new version, directly available for each employee in PDF format on the new user interface.

Lastly, we made the Microsoft interactive guides available to our employees, which made it easy for them to find the correspondence between features in the old and new versions.

In terms of internal communication, we shared information concerning the migration in the company newsletter, on our intranet, but also with all the managers so they could facilitate the training of their teams.

We have not implemented any specific tutoring procedures since our employees are used to training via e-learning, which we have been using for training in various domains since 1999.

After several months of use, I am satisfied with the ENI solution and have received positive feedback from users.

To conclude, I would recommend this solution to those wishing to accompany a migration with short modules focused on the new features. Also, managers must really be involved and put aside time for their employees to train. Lastly, it is essential that the solution be organised and implemented as a project and as a team.