Office application migration: M2i develops individualised training courses with MEDIAplus eLearning



Patrick ARNAUD
National Microsoft Office E-learning Advisor at M2i Formation

The M2i group specialises in computer training and has thirty or so training centres spread across all the main French cities. It offers individualised training courses in tutored resource centres, particularly to assist its customers with their office application migrations. M2i Formation, which has been using Editions ENI’s MEDIAplus eLearning solution for many years, has implemented the new Microsoft Office 2010 training content and is pleased with its new features. 

This offer includes training programmes that are specially designed to help users discover the new features of Microsoft Office 2010 and quickly become proficient in using its automated functions. These half-day courses take place at a tutored resource centre with support from a trainer with office applications expertise. The trainees assess themselves and train with MEDIAplus eLearning, the only solution that offers a real learning environment with immediate results analysis.

We use Editions ENI’s MEDIAplus eLearning solution for our office application training and we really appreciate its flexibility and interactivity,” explains Patrick Arnaud, a National Microsoft Office E-learning Advisor at M2i Formation. “Before, when a customer called to ask us about registering a new employee on an office application course, we had to tell them there would be a one or two month wait, depending on the class-based sessions that were scheduled. Now we say they can come to one of our sessions at a tutored resource centre the following week. This makes a real difference; we have gained in terms of responsiveness!” he explains.

We use the ready-made MEDIAplus eLearning programmes, which are very well produced. But we also create our own training programmes to adapt them perfectly to our customers’ needs. We respond to many national calls for tender and thanks to MEDIAplus eLearning, we can offer the same programmes with the same teaching quality to all our trainees, wherever they are. This is also down to ENI’s flexibility,” adds Mr Arnaud.
We are also very satisfied with the new Microsoft Office 2010 training content developed by Editions ENI, especially the content for Outlook 2010 and Windows 7, which is fully interactive. This is a real advantage when it comes to effective learning,” he explains. This new content has been enhanced with new features and contains more exercises and simulations. “We and our trainees really appreciate the MEDIAplus eLearning user interface. It is a pleasure to use and very intuitive,” he adds.

The training courses at the tutored resource centre start with an assessment of the trainee’s needs, focussing on their work. At the end of this assessment, the trainer will produce a personalised training programme based on the user’s everyday working life rather than on general knowledge of the software. 

Each session at the resource centre is attended by a maximum of 6 to 8 people, with a dedicated trainer on site who can even help the trainee with their own personal real-life cases. 

This method is very useful compared to a traditional class-based course. It enables the trainer to spend time with a trainee on a particular topic or a specific document, without holding back the others, who continue to make progress with their training,” says Patrick Arnaud. “For M2i, the presence of a trainer who is an expert in office applications is really very important – it’s not just a supervised study period! The trainer is there to share all their know-how and help the trainees on an individual basis if need be. We suggest exercises for them to do at the end of each module,” explains Mr Arnaud.

Users’ reactions are very positive – they really appreciate being able to train at their own pace, according to their own needs, with a trainer on hand to answer their questions. The training courses are truly indivi­dualised. 

Contrary to what you might think, the decision-makers were soon convinced by this new training method. We regularly give presentations about our tutored resource centre and some customers even send staff from their training department to test the concept!” explains Patrick Arnaud.

In my opinion, to set up a successful tutored resource centre, you need a real trainer, an expert in office applications, who is there in the room to answer any questions trainees may have and help them if they are stuck on an exercise. That is a real advantage, and it is really appreciated by our customers,” concludes Mr Arnaud.