Tui Travel trains its employees with MEDIAplus eLearning by ENI


Tui Travel

Patricia TUR
Training Manager at Tui Travel

1/ Can you tell us a few words about your company and your role?

Our company works in the tourist sector. It’s a multinational business. I work in human resources management and am a Training Technician. 

2/ Before using MEDIAplus eLearning, how was your office application training organised and why did you change it?

Our office application training used to be in the form of class-based training courses. But we decided to buy online licences so we could train a greater number of people without geographical limitations. 

3/ What did you like about MEDIAplus eLearning? And in practical terms, what system do you have in place? Do all the employees take the training courses? Do they train at their workstation? Or in a resource centre? 

What we liked a lot is that the MEDIAplus eLearning solution enables total interaction between the office application and the trainee. They are not just simple explanatory videos; the trainee also has to carry out all the exercises directly in the application they are studying. The lessons are offered to all our employees on an international level. They can train at their workstations.

4/ What type of learner support did you choose and why? How does it work?

A coach provides monitoring and motivational support during the course. 

5/ After several months of use, what is your assessment of the system? Are you satisfied with it? How have users reacted?

The users who manage to finish the courses are satisfied. As with all training in e-learning mode, successful completion of the training activities requires a certain level of involvement from the learners. They have to invest some time in it and not drop out of the course. But in general it goes very well and they are grateful for it. 

6/ Finally, what advice would you give to training managers who want to change to e-learning?

I would recommend that they choose interactive learning with a coach to provide motivational support, while thoroughly checking that all the learners are participating properly.