VAELIA bets on success in the inter-company sector with MEDIAplus eLearning at tutored resource centres



Stéphanie CRESPO
Manager of VAELIA

VAELIA, a training centre specialising in computing and a member of the NVL group, has set up an innovative system with the creation of tutored resource centres for its inter-company computer training courses. Trainees are assessed and trained using the MEDIAplus eLearning solution from Editions ENI, the only solution to use a real working environment. This system, praised by customers and users, makes it possible to respond to the varied levels of ability among trainees and to optimise training course scheduling.

VAELIA is a training centre belonging to the NVL group, a regional group specialising in new computer technologies for over 25 years. VAELIA has 30 training rooms spread across 6 sites: La Rochelle, Angoulême, Limoges, Toulouse, Poitiers and Bordeaux. Each of its sites has a tutored resource centre dedicated to inter-company office application training.

In a context where users’ needs and levels are constantly changing, especially in the area of office applications, it is becoming increasingly hard to form groups with homogeneous levels of ability and provide the best possible training. This is why VAELIA wanted to put in place an alternative system to class-based learning, in order to deal with its customers’ issues. “With the tutored resource centres we have set up with MEDIAplus eLearning, we can meet our customers’ main expectations, that is, being trained within a limited time frame and not wasting time on modules you already know” explains Stéphanie CRESPO, Manager of VAELIA. “This way we can keep offering inter-company office application sessions, with the attractiveness of inter-company rates, while also offering totally personalised training that’s adapted to users’ needs, levels and constraints,” she elaborates.

Indeed, MEDIAplus eLearning offers personalised assessment and training, focussing on users’ needs and the skills they want to acquire. “When we chose MEDIAplus eLearning many years ago, we were especially pleased with one unique feature: the fact that users learn in a real environment,” explains Mrs CRESPO. “It is not a simulation, unlike other solutions. What’s more, the actions carried out by the learner are analysed and commented on in real time by MEDIAplus eLearning, which is an important advantage,” she adds.

On each of its sites, VAELIA has a tutored resource centre dedicated to office application training with MEDIAplus eLearning. “We deliberately limit the number of participants to 6/8 people per session maximum to guarantee maximum teaching quality,” explains Stéphanie CRESPO. The process starts with an assessment of the user’s skills with MEDIAplus eLearning. At the end of this assessment, a tailor-made training course focussing on the points not mastered by the user is created automatically by MEDIAplus eLearning. The tutor helps the user familiarise themselves with the MEDIAplus eLearning interface and provides monitoring throughout the training course. Their role is crucial. “We do place a lot of emphasis on the role of the tutor/trainer who is there to assist, guide and reassure users, and even provide additional input to the training course if need be,” she explains. “The resource centre is designed for all audiences, ; everyone can learn at their own pace and progress independently from what the other participants are doing. The user is an active participant in their training,” she adds.
VAELIA also organises intra-company office application training sessions with MEDIAplus eLearning, either at the customer’s resource centre, or by booking the VAELIA resource centre for the customer, with tutoring always provided by VAELIA’s trainers. VAELIA has also kept classic, class-based office application training but in a themed workshop context, for training in very specific subjects. 

After several years of using tutored resource centres, VAELIA judges this system to be very satisfactory. “This solution gives us a lot of flexibility in planning training sessions. In Bordeaux for example, the resource centre is open every day, with half-day sessions,” explains Mrs CRESPO. “This way, users can attend according to their own availability and professional constraints. The training is fully tailored and nothing is surplus to requirements, so there is no cost overrun,” she adds. 

To persuade customers who are not always convinced of the effectiveness of this new training method, VAELIA regularly organises MEDIAplus eLearning introduction breakfasts at the tutored resource centre. “We have them take a mini-assessment and training course so that they understand the benefits of this system, and the majority of them leave converted. My motto is, “To try it is to adopt it!”” concludes Stéphanie CRESPO.