The ENI Digital Learning courses in an LMS platform… How does it work?


First and foremost, rest assured: it is very easy to incorporate our online training materials into your existing LMS platform.

The ENI Digital Learning team does, however, receive many questions: Is it complicated? How does it work? What is the process? What is the available support? How do learners access their courses? How does one access the content to implement?

In this article, we will answer all these legitimate questions!

Let’s start with a few definitions… What is an LMS?

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a distance learning platform. It groups the tools necessary to the three main users – learner, administrator and tutor – making it possible to view online educational content remotely.

There are many possibilities on the E-Learning market. According to the company’s size and projects, it may be best to choose one platform rather than another.

As a content provider, ENI adapts to your choices: we have established partnerships with many LMSs and we will support you throughout your project. To better integrate our courses into your LMS platform, we can enable you access to our courses thanks to the SCORM norm.

What is SCORM?

SCORM means “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”. It is a set of technical norms intended mainly for LMS platforms.

Creating our courses to these norms enables us to incorporate the courses, sparing re-writing efforts, into any compatible platform installed within your organisation. SCORM enables the interoperability of our educational content.

So, it’s a bit like a walkway? That’s exactly right! We do not need to adapt our content to each LMS platform. The norm makes it possible to technically standardise the content for easy integration.  

All of ENI’s Digital Learning training materials are compatible with the 1.2 and 2004 versions of the SCORM norms. Most often, a SCORM package focuses on a specific E-Learning course and communicates the learner’s tracking information about their progress in the interactive modules and the videos.

What are the benefits of using the SCORM?

First of all, and this is specific to the extended LMS mode and how ENI uses it, the updates are automatic! There is no need to re-download the course materials that we have updated, which can happen quite often with the Microsoft 365 and Teams courses, for example!

Moreover, you have nothing to manage or pay in terms of content hosting. The content is hosted on our servers (in France). 

Lastly and very importantly: your users only need a single access to a single platform to pursue all the courses you provide!

What about the administration?

Setting up an LMS platform also makes it easier for the administrators and tutors when managing the enrolments and the reports, which is crucial to their management strategy.

Clarification about the information available for your reports:

  • For a SCORM 2004 integration: your LMS platform receives the tracking information set by the norm, which includes: the status, the time spent, the percentage of success and the percentage of completion per learner for the course concerned.
  • For a SCORM 1.2 integration, you will have to choose which percentage will be sent back to you: percentage of success or percentage of completion. You will also have access to the status and time spent per learner.

Still need to clear up a few things? Contact us!

Do contact us with all your specific needs: we are here to help!