Solutions innovantes

Offer innovative training solutions
to your clients

Blended learning, learning resource centre, distance learning…Nowadays, a training centre must offer clients several different training methods to cater to their evolving needs and constraints.
ENI proposes innovative solutions which will allow you to highlight your expertise and know-how and complete your range of classroom training courses.

Augmentez votre ROI

Develop your business
and increase your ROI

By making complementary offers available, you increase your sales revenue and ROI (Return on Investment). These new solutions, such as the learning resource centre with a tutor, make it possible to increase your fill rate and, therefore, improve your profit margin.
ENI advises and guides you in the implementation of these new solutions.

Formations individuelles

Individualise your training programmes
and free up time for your tutors

Thanks to our MEDIAplus eLearning solution, designed with a unique teaching method, you can provide a tailored response to each of your learners.
They will learn directly in the required software according to their needs and level and will acquire skills through practice. By using MEDIAplus eLearning, you make it possible for your tutors to focus on more value added tasks and share their knowledge with those who need it.

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