Développez les compétences

Developing the IT and digital skills
of your employees

Training plan, migration projects, funding…develop the skills of your employees thanks to custom made IT training programmes.
ENI accompanies you and puts an online learning platform at your disposal. It includes customised e-training programmes, according to the needs and the level of your employees, in every field of IT.

Accompagnez la transformation numérique

Supporting your company’s digital transformation

Nowadays, companies are confronted with digital transformation. To succeed, employees must all have a certain digital culture. This culture can be acquired in both their professional and personal environments and this can create significant disparities. Change within a company cannot happen without its employees. That is why ENI proposes solutions supporting you throughout this digital transformation: digital tests, e-training…

Facilitez vos migrations

Simplifying your IT migration

An IT migration can be a significant event for your company: loss of productivity, resistance to change…With ENI solutions you can accompany your employees so that they quickly find their bearings. Our dedicated team will accompany you for a successful migration.

Évaluez et certifiez

Assessing your employees and qualifications

Do you wish to assess the actual skills of your applicants or employees?
Discover our online tests and assessments which make it possible to identify any weak points before training but also to validate what has been learnt at the end of a training programme.
ENI also helps your employees reach their goals and obtain qualifications thanks to its e-training programmes aimed at preparing for IT and technical exams.

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